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How To Start The Training Session


Dial into the phone conference line (641) 715-3200 Access Code: 726056#, so you can ask questions while you are going through the training. If you’ve arrived here at your schedule time, then your trainer should be in the conference call waiting for you. If for some reason your trainer is not there, please call 570-234-0711 for further instructions.


Start the Chat Session. This will create a direct online connection with your trainer, just in case you get disconnected from the phone line. This will also allow your trainer to view your screen, to help walk you through the areas of the training, that you might be having difficulty with.

1-17-2014 9-12-31 AM

State your name and notify us that you are here for the training.
1-17-2014 9-13-58 AM

Your trainer will respond to your notification.
1-17-2014 9-16-24 AM

Ask for the password to unlock the other steps on the left menu, then continue through the steps starting with the Introduction. Do not skip steps. It is very important that you do the steps in order and communicate with your trainer, if you have any questions.


The Steps on the left menu are locked. While you are in the in the chat area, ask your trainer for the password to unlock the rest of the steps, so that you may start the main part of the training.

1-17-2014 9-19-26 AM


Now you can continue through the rest of the steps in this training area and have the piece on mind that your trainer is here to guide you through the process.

Other Important Information

If you need help that will require your trainer to view your screen follow the instructions Below.

Using the chat or while you are on the phone ask your trainer to start the screen share.
1-17-2014 9-21-04 AM

Your trainer will respond with a special screen sharing link to click on.
1-17-2014 9-22-17 AM

When you click on the link in the chat window, you will get a pop-up asking you to save the file. Click Save File
1-17-2014 9-22-51 AM

Using a firefox browser, you can click on the down arrow to see all your recent downloads. Click it.
1-17-2014 9-23-43 AM

Now click on the file to start installing it.
1-17-2014 9-24-15 AM

You will be asked to confirm that you want to install the screen sharing file. Click Ok.
1-17-2014 9-24-47 AM

Click on Run to start the screen sharing process.
1-17-2014 9-25-35 AM

Now, that the screen sharing program is running (The window will be highlighted in orange and you will see the control panel at the top of the page), your trainer will be able to see your screen to better assist you through any issue that you are having.
1-17-2014 9-26-41 AM

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